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Fort Worth Republican Women

Brooke currently serves FWRW as President. Prior to becoming President in 2018, and for more than a decade, Brooke served as a Vice President of FWRW. She has been a VP of Membership, Programs, Events, and Finance, and chaired numerous committees. 

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TCGOP Executive Committee

In 2012, Brooke was elected Precinct Chair for Precinct 4230 and served until late 2015 when she became a judicial candidate (which required her resignation). She has also served the TCGOP as General Counsel.

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Texas Republican Delegate

Governor Greg Abbott and Brooke Allen.

Brooke was a delegate to the Senate District 10 Convention from 2012 through 2018. She was a delegate to the Texas Republican Convention in 2012, 2014, and 2016. She has worked on many campaigns for both local, state and national candidates.

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Texas Federation of Republican Women

TFRW Women with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Brooke Allen.

A member of TFRW for more than 10 years, Brooke was a Tribute to Women honoree in 2010. She has attended the TFRW Convention several times as a delegate from her local club. Brooke is a member of several TFRW clubs throughout Tarrant County. 

Tarrant County Election Judge

As a precinct chair, Brooke was an election judge for her precinct and others for the primary, runoff, and/or general elections in 2012, 2013, and 2015. She was assisted by several conservative leaders from her precinct.

U.S. House of Representatives

US Congressman Ron Wright and Brooke Allen at Commissioner Andy Nguyen's Freedom Fundraiser

During college, Brooke spent a summer interning for several members of the House of Representatives, including Kay Granger, Bob Riley, and Sonny Callahan. This experience furthered her commitment to conservative values and working to be a leader within the Republican Party.

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